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A Bear In Grants Pass

I have made it to Grants Pass, Oregon! This beautiful place is lush and green, sunny and clean. The wind whips like north canadian wind and the colors of spring time soak into my loving eyes. Those bright yellows are what really captivate me, and those deep reds of the japanese maple tree. Im staying with my great grandpa, Ray Anding who is 87. We have been having a ball, cooking up ribs, baking fresh bread, going on walks and just shooting the shit that we now have to say. This is the time for him and i to have real one on one connection, man to man and boy he is a man. He tells me, “theres a bottle of jack in the cupboard above the fridge and i know you said you dont drink but you might like it!” Id be wearing one of his many sleak cowboy hats now if it wasnt so durn small on my head. He is one firecracker but man if i could take him fishing or rather get him to take me, that would change the game. Thats what he realluy loves to do and iv only gone fishing one time down in north carolina with my cousin, we caught small white fish and filleted them for fish tacos. To get here, i hitched all the way up the 101 from San Francisco thru the redwoods, up passed cresent city and strait to my great grand daddies door! On the trek, i stayed out on the beach for a few days in shacks made of drift wood where i ate ham out of a can and beans, cereal and raisens and drank plenty of water for i was out in the sand and wind during the day building driftwood sculptures and making sand castles and lines from one stump to another dried stump. I recon i will keep heaving north here soon but for now, im gonna keep hangin in Grants Pass, Ray is getting a dog tonight! A little white bodied, black faced 2 month old pomerainian puppy, the cuttest little doggy i ever did see, long hair and he wimpers like a dog with cold paws. He said hes a gonna name him Snowball. The rainbow of books in this library is facinating, all the colors right on the spine. Well the california coast is a beautiful place and that highway  101 dips into valleys, goes next to clear blue rivers and up onto mountain tops, alot of real tall trees. Much love to you all, i love you! This exploring is amazing, and what one man can do, another man or woman can do so follow thru because if it comes from inside, theres no need to question pride, its gonna send you strait and true! I remember the drum circle on hippy hill in San Francisco, a microphone for any man or woman to speak out and that mic is always hot and live and in your voice. I sang into that microphone, Love revolution!! The revolution is here and everywhere, it is started and done for it always has been. Love is always here, like the connection of humans, it just takes awareness to see the connection. So open yourself and see the universe open for you! You dont like the way something is, change the way you think of it. You dont like a bear? well a bear is gonna be a bear so the only thing that can change how you see the bear is you.

Berkeley San Francisco

I currently reside in the college community of Berkeley, east across the bay of San Francisco. I arrived on a train taking me under the bay with my good friend Troy or Roy with a silent T. We have been making music for the past couple of days in and around Golden Gate Park right at the end of Haight Street where the travellers roam in abundant numbers and street performers are handed buckets of olives and barbeque deli sandwiches. Golden Gate Park leads 3 miles down to the sandy beach shore where i stayed a few days, north and up in the cliffs. Not a soul there but i, watching the sun set over the highway and beach front, making oatmeal the old fashion way, extra creamy with nuts and raisins all cooked up on my new camping stove. Iv been given a drum to lay down rhythm, after selling my mandolin for a week of fun and trampoline boxing, i commenced to use card board boxes swiping the flat surface on rough concrete side walks while Roy or my good frien’ Brennan strums and singsawaya. I have found a new voice in writing and in singing, my words work with clarity and i am happy to set these ideas free of profanity and of the the island of happy tree. How are you on this fine summer breeze? I climbed a tree on hippy hill while my friend kicked a soccer ball with emphasis on distance and accuracy. I have sincerely discovered love in people and my home, this universe of vibrant color and exotic sound, letting my pages fly into the hangs of passer bys, spreading the language of a travellers heart for the day i write is the day i need to hear. I smell of sweat indeed for i have not showered in a 3 days, which is surprising for how fresh i feel. I enjoy a long walk across city streets of San Francisco, stopping to eat a beautiful healthy banana in Little Taiwan. Mixing a master lyrical rapper with guitar and my mini drum fuses together like peanut butter and jelly, horses and fields, ham and potatoes, love and the universe. The universe has confided to me, my focus will come naturally, i can continue for that is all i can. Way to the height is to see how far below you have come, to see the stars and feel the wisping air of a bright day, perpetual sun rays, the soft whiskers of Garbanzo bean belly rubbing and all, holy youth and passing teeth, he digs into my finger, holding the pinky like a nipple, like a mothering tit, the source of all abundance. Way to the light is the way to the love, The only thing that changes is me, my idea, my understanding. The love is here, i am the one that is moving, connecting and choosing. I have many ideas of a new destination but for now, i enjoy the serine silence of high quality library head phones, on the keys and my running mind can i hear, i doze and zone into the writing like a fly on honey, like a glue and velvet, like two sides of Velcro, like my love for you. The reader, thank you so much for sharing in this experience, we are creating this together and i feel so blessed to have the attention of your self. Open up to this universe, express all that you naturally think about, act at every bend and take every opportunity. Be happy and choose happiness, smile just so you know your in a good place. THIS IS OUR HOME!!!! WE ARE SAFE!!! Always and forever, much love, Yours and mine truly, one and the same, T’levi.

Big Sur, Land of the Red Woods

After spending time in Ventura and taking a ride over the ocean and coast in a stunt plane, i headed up the coast to Big Sur, California. The first sight was a beach covered in sun bathing salty seals of mammoth size, snoring and rolling over the bright white crystal sand. Highway 1 began to climb up the coast into the mountainous region, cliff side to the left and hill side to the right. Camping in a redwood grove, sacred spiral fire and a solid sleep upon the hard ground, just the right introduction. Oak trees of twisted contortion and heights the size of 3 flag poles covered the sky with sharp edged leaves, cupped underneath for shedding hard california rain. Continuing up the road veering inland a few miles, i reorganized my pack and headed into the redwood forest towards Sykes hot springs. A ten mile hike in, stomping hard and heavy with a steady pace, honking away on my harmonic,  syncing my breath up with my steps, feeling like a boyscout leading a troop of young souldiers into wild country. Blue jays, steller jays, big blue birds with tall stout mohawks swaying on high branches and the letting go, falling effortlessly into the valley of wonder, lush and green, a flight masters paradise. The hot springs consisted of 3 pools, one above the other, built from rock and sand bags and filled with college students enjoying a refreshing hot hot spring break. I set up camp down stream, along the ten foot wide water flow, on a sandy beach beneath thin tree trunks and a hill side of oak. Taking full opportunity of the cool breeze, i stripped and danced and sang, glorious peace of the wild engulfing my body, hair on ends and skin limber. At night fall, i brewed orange citrus spice tea and ate dried fruit, white peaches. Waking up in the middle of moon time to bright beams, i slipped out of the tent and trekked up to the pools crossing logs from side to side of the creek. A full moon basked in the river, splashing warm vibrant light upon the woods. The water being sulfur smelled of eggs and soaked into my skin like the sun does. What a beautiful night in the wilderness. The next morning i hiked 5 miles back, camped another night making tortillas and beans over a fire and sat with the heaving darkness of trunks and treetops. “Acrobats of cloth, double headed snake, circles of light, morning mother energy of love, clear head calming space, stone rock back, sand mattress, power wash of sound canals, panama well of possibility, song sings itself, “‘Say a word to forget about it, walk along to keep on walking.”‘  After another 5 miles out back to highway 1 coast highway, i sent off a postcard and continued on up to Santa Cruz where i met travelers to play street music with, singing about road magic and fire of wonder. I now preside in palo alto, south of San Francisco. The journey continues, much love to all!

First mate of the Double Dog

Crackling white radio noise, a captains orders, crew men alert as the Double Dog drifts steadily through the harbor ports. Pickled Parrot, American Pie, Autumn Rose, Symphony, PowderMilk, “Good morn’n to you sir, captain of a nameless vessel”, my thoughts exactly, blue and white striped Old School and a beautiful worn in sail boat. Watchin for a pinch, ease the boat in, salty dog walking forward “Tie it off tight!”. Green sail bag of the Pooh Corner, Camelot, Penny Lane, B Natural, Jade Winds, Sea Nile, Salt-n-Light, cielo grande, Saint Jude, Significant Other, Cyndance, Cut To Heal, Double LL. Double Dog duties, creating mellow wake, i am a sea man sun absorber, my scales shimmer in the rays underwater, cool wind mild rutter flutter. Ahoy! Air shore space covered with dotting palm trees, hard sun bright white, clean sand tan hands. Float on past BIG DOG, Allegro, Pretty Woman, Gringo, Renewal, Dream Catcher, the drop bow port of national boat afloat, Ocean Defender, Mary Peter, Scorpio, a red buoyant buoy leads the wide way to expansive sea, dauphin fins dance on the wave top, shore observers, rock eddy, cruising speeds a go!!

Riding hard and fast over currents of powerful swell across the mighty ocean, California fading into the fog. Wings of water fly the boat up dunes of wave, rainbow light appearing as the sun reflects on water wings. An hour and a half of fast passed double rudder speed, the Channel Islands appear in the distance. I whip out my harmonica in F and sing sweetly to the dolphins and ocean, a majestic whale poofs water out its spout and dives down exposing its massive tail in the wind. We pull the boat in to a beach coast, about 30 feet deep of water and drop anchor. Paddle boards ready, i slide into a seal skin wet suit and paddle to the beach. The shore isn’t like california coast sand, this beach is composed of coarse rocks and pebbles, hardly any grains on the surface. Being bare footed, i step slowly into a cave 10 feet high and booming with the sound of crashing waves and of barking seals. Right in the middle of the sand, a mama and her pup. They head full force to the water, the baby still getting the hang of land maneuvering. I explore beyond the cave and find many crabs, shells and exotic birds with bright orange and red bills. “Darwin didn’t make it to the Channel Islands but i did!!” I call out to the valley and canyon. After sliding around on the rocks, i return to the water, paddle back to the boat, enjoy some citrus fruit and gear up to snorkel. Under water, beams of light pierce the water like magic spears and intertwine with sifting matter and swaying kelp plants. Even in the ocean, life grows towards the sun. I rested up on the top block lookout of the Double Dog while many tens of flies swarmed my body. About 3 o’clock, the motor was running, the anchor was loaded and the boat adrift. Taking the rains, i powered the boat all the way to the harbor again, an hour back. Red Right Return, the red buoy must be on the right side of the boat when returning. “Oh mary! Wont you come and take a ride on the boat with me! Oh Mary, we can drift and see the beautiful sea. What a marvelous place to be cheri! On the sea with my lovely Mary!” This being my first boat ride, i was ecstatic and inspired singing as other drifters waved back. What a heavenly hot hard day, i am a bit red in the face but alls well that ends well. Much love!!

Ventura, California

The fog, thick heavy like a wool blanket over the coastal sun. Whats the point of being walking distance of the sand if it aint gonna get hot and toasty under your feet? Im enjoying the cool salty breeze, took a walk out the pier to where fishermen gurgle on about how the pacific fish are snagging there lines any second, “They are all talk” says an old fisherman with a dog he calls Heineken, “Aint nothin but a bunch of sardines”. Iv broken a few strings on my octave mandolin, herculeez, no matter for they were hard and crusty from walking on the beaches of carlsbad, singing songs to the salty air and running my mouth to the seagulls as the rust came in, i just slammed those strings like batter of a bread maker. Up in ventura, the library is filled with people typing on keyboard and squinting their eye. I seen a huge tree in the main park, about as big as the Matra mandar which is a meditation center plated in gold located on the eastern coast of India. Many young children hang around the house i stay at, a baby just barely one who smiles wide and her and i have a language made of open mouth vowels. The three year old girl strums a new strung up ukelele, painted on it the wave heading to the coast of japan. Iv written many new songs the last few weeks, im looking forward to sharing them. Seven more pages in The Dharma Bums!! A Jack Kerouac novel, a mighty good read. Stay healthy and hearty y’all! Breath as deep as you can and open up that body, be blessed to breath. Smell that air where ever you are because its the air your privileged to breathe. Much love to you all!~


Hello people of this world! I am in carlsbad, california! Everyday, i head to the constant motion of grand pacific ocean. Im very inspired and have been writting alot of music, stick around!! I may be heading up the coast, very soon. Most all the way thru Dharma Bums, a Jack Kerouac novel and a great read. Much love to you all, take every oppertunity!

Put Your Boots On

Put Your Boots On
Im putting my boots on and my hat, gonna hit the road very soon. This song expresses exactly how im feeling right now, I got ants in my pants, i need to dance to some good music and i need to have somewhere new to go. Hope y’all enjoy the song, written by yours truly minutes before this post. Until next time, stay sassy and do what you have to do! Much Love, Levi